Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Life Is Good Today...

I don't have my toes in the water or my bum in the sand as the famous Kenny Chesney song goes, but life is good today anyways.

Today brought cool temperatures to the desert and a crisp fall breeze, finally fall has arrived.

I've opened my windows to let the cool air fill my home, let Leila stay in her cozy fleece pj's and lit a candle that fills my home with an apple-harvest smell.

My husband took care of Jalyn getting to school and let me sneak in some extra zzzz's. Somehow doing laundry today feels effortless and somewhat enjoyable.

A delicious day indeed.

1 comment:

  1. NOW.. I LOVE reading journal entries like this!!! There is nothing better than getting a few extra ZZz's, the smell of your favroite candle and fresh fall air... I dont know about the laundry thing... I hate doing Laundry, its hard to love that :)

    I love reading your blog, I feel closer to you everytime!!! Miss you sissy